FAQ Application

Why do I need to register on the website via the application form and not by email?
Filling in the online form is important in order to get a spot on the waitlist. Emails are not waitlisted.

For how long does the application remain on the waitlist?
The application is valid only for the current semester.


Can the appartement be rented by two students?

Is the online application form binding?
No, the application is not bound to anything. However, it is important to get a spot on the waitlist. After examining the application, you will receive a confirmation or refusal from the landlord. Once the contract is signed, the contractual relationship is legally binding.

Is there a minimum rental contract term?
In principle, the user agreement is concluded for twelve months. The student apartments are managed all year round.

When does the rental contract start?
The usage contract can be concluded for the 1st or 15th of a given month.

Confirmation of studies
Your application for our Student Residence can only be considered if you attach a valid confirmation of studies to your application. Excluded from this are first-year students in their first semester. These students must provide confirmation of studies as soon as possible.