FAQ Moving in/moving out

Contact for appointment moving in/moving out:
Techno-Z Campus Verwaltung, Techno 10, 3. OG
Opening hours: Mon-Fri: 09:30 – 12:30 Uhr
Tel: +43 662 45 48 88 250 or office@techno-z.at

Where and when do I get the residence key?
The apartment key is handed over after signing the contract and payment of the first month’s rent, the administration fee and the security rental deposit. 

What documents are required upon handover of the key?
Official photo ID
Confirmation of the security deposit, the first month’s rent and the administration fee
Confirmation of studies

Until when do I have to register or cancel my residence here?
Register: within three days from the date of moving into the apartment at the registration office of the City of Salzburg. Unsubscribe: within three days of leaving the apartment.
Download form - Registration Certificate

How do I pay the rent?
You must arrange for a direct debit order. Exception: foreign bank connections.

Can an apartment also be used for two people?
+ + + ATTENTION: The quota has already been reached. No possibilities for double occupancy for all terms 2019/20 any more. + + + 
A limited number of student apartments in Campus 3 can accommodate couples (double occupancy is ONLY for couples).  For double occupancy, a second bed is provided. The second user must also complete an application form. The prices for double occupancy change. See: Rooms and rates
The entry of a pregnancy has to be reported to the student residence management as soon as possible. The current academic year can of course be terminated, so that a stress-free housing search for expectant mothers is guaranteed. The Techno-Z dormitory is not geared for families.

Can I cancel the contract?
Cancellation must be done in writing (including e-mail). The periods of notice stated in the contract of use apply.
Do I have to paint the apartment when moving out?
No. Only a thorough cleaning needs to be done.

How do I get a parking pass for when I am moving in?
For stress-free entry and exit, students can obtain a “moving parking pass” from the Student Residence administration. 


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